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Original Samsung Battery AA-PLWN4AB 52Wh

$ 30   - ONLY -

  • SKU: 003444
  • Categories: Laptop parts - Laptop Batteries
  • Brand: Samsung
  • Color: Black
  • Type: Original
  • Power: About this item Compatible Part Number AA-PLWN4AB, AA-PBYN4AB Voltage: 7.5V Capacity: 6890mAh 52Wh Warranty: 1 Month Warranty
  • Status:

Fit Machine Model:
Samsung :
[530U3 Series] 530U3B-A01, 530U3B-A02, 530U3B-A04, 530U3BA01, 530U3BA02, 530U3BA04, 530U3C Series, 530U3C-A01, 530U3C-A01DE, 530U3C-A02, 530U3C-A03, 530U3C-A05, [ 530U3C-A06 Battery], 530U3C-A07, 530U3C-J01, 530U3CA01, 530U3CA01DE, 530U3CA02, 530U3CA03, 530U3CA05, 530U3CA06, 530U3CA07, 530U3CJ01, 535U3C Series, 535U3C-A01, 535U3C-A02, 535U3C-A03, 535U3CA01, 535U3CA02, [ 535U3CA03 Battery], NP5303UC-A01CH, NP5303UCA01CH, [ NP530U3B-A01UK Battery], NP530U3B-A03RU, NP530U3BA01UK, NP530U3BA03RU, [ NP530U3C-A01CN Battery], NP530U3C-A02CN, NP530U3C-A02PH, NP530U3C-A03CN, NP530U3C-A03HK, NP530U3C-A03PH, NP530U3C-A07IT, NP530U3C-A07SE, NP530U3C-A0B, NP530U3C-A0EDE, NP530U3C-A0KDE, NP530U3CA01CN, NP530U3CA02CN, NP530U3CA02PH, NP530U3CA03CN, NP530U3CA03HK, [ NP530U3CA03PH Battery], NP530U3CA07IT, NP530U3CA07SE, NP530U3CA0B, NP530U3CA0EDE, NP530U3CA0KDE, [ NP530V3c Battery], NP535U3C-A02IT, NP535U3CA02IT, NP540U3C, NP540U3C Series, NP540U3C-A02UK, NP540U3C-A101UB, NP540U3CA02UK, NP540U3CA101UB,
Samsung Ultrabook S 5 Series :
NP530U3C Battery .

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